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Website Placement

Website Placement

What is the placement of a site?

Who would not want to be first? Which restaurant in Turin would not like to be the first result that comes out on Google looking for “restaurant in Turin”?

When you join the expression “placement of a site” you mean just that, the position it has on Google search results.

The placement is both organic and sponsored: as you can understand the organic positioning is what derives from the good use of the practices suggested by Google to build and manage a site.

The texts and syntax used (short sentences without excessive coordinates or subordinates, easy to understand), the images (size, name and description), the structure of each page of the site (title, subtitles, paragraphs), internal and external links… are just some of the elements that influence SEO, organic placement on Google. It is a work that concerns both the developers of the site and the authors of content (graphics and texts).

It is not only a technical issue but also a matter of substance: Google prefers original content (the copy-paste is malicious), and frequently updated sites.

Placement: the effectiveness comes with studying

Leaving it to chance and improvising is never a good marketing strategy. This is why we do not neglect anything, we look for new ways, we deepen and update our skills continuously. Our customers’ success is ours.

ACD is an integrated communication agency that takes care of, builds, promotes and manages brands from concept to graphics, from the site to social media, from content to campaigns. We believe in simplicity and transparency, we are direct, informal, essential. We are allergic to exasperated technicalities and the extreme externalization of creativity for its own sake. Maybe you were looking for us?

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