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gestione social

Social network management

Social network management takes communication with the customer to a completely different level, where the filters are much thinner and where speed, the relationship with the present, the relationship with the individual are decisive.

It is a crucial aspect for communication and the brand. Not being on Instagram and Facebook, or being there in a distracted and discontinuous way, is not only a missed opportunity but a damage. What we communicate is exactly our attitude: that our company is not there or that it is distracted and discontinuous.

The editorial schedules are essential, but often fall into mere anniversaries, world days, holidays, superficial observations that add nothing beyond the presence.

What makes the difference is precisely that “quid”, that something more that can only be the style, or the mood, or the choice of visuals. The difference lies in the identity of the brand, its coordination, and the style of each individual post.

There are two essential aspects in the management of social media: contemporaneity and originality.

To be there and in a way that is not obvious, not trivial. Leaving a thought, a smile, being noticed.

The power with which to calibrate the communication obviously depends on the strategy adopted, the mission, the brand… being bold or discreet is only a consequence of style.

ACD social network management is always part of a much broader communication project chosen and discussed with the customer. It is the operational phase that implements the marketing choices. From ordinary management to sponsored campaigns, ACD always works to study every single post and optimize every format.

For this reason, it is generally good to avoid sporadic operations, or actions limited to individual promotional campaigns: the results can never be satisfactory for the customer when the campaigns are not continuous, when the targets are not defined or are chosen “non rationally”.