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Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads campaigns

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads (Adwords) is a Google tool for creating advertising campaigns on Google’s search or partner sites.

In itself, it is relatively easy to activate a Google Ads campaign, but there are many things to keep in mind that can determine its performance and actual result: is your site responsive? Do you have an organic SEO set? Are the calls to action clear? Are the keywords correct? Are the landing pages optimized? Have you enabled remarketing and contact generation?

The ACD staff manages campaigns by planning and scheduling the ads, constantly defining and monitoring the target and its behavior, diversifying graphic and video formats to obtain total coverage of the ads.

All management operations are accompanied by detailed reports and conducted in total transparency.

Google ADS: effectiveness comes with studying

Leaving it to chance and improvising is never a good marketing strategy. This is why we do not neglect anything, we look for new ways, we deepen and update our skills continuously. Our customers’ success is ours.

ACD is an integrated communication agency that takes care of, builds, promotes and manages brands from concept to graphics, from the site to social media, from content to campaigns. We believe in simplicity and transparency, we are direct, informal, essential. We are allergic to exasperated technicalities and the extreme externalization of creativity for its own sake.

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