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Copywriting Webwriting

Copywriting Webwriting

What is Copywriting?

The “copy” is the part of text that is found in advertisements. Generally it is a few lines, captivating and emotionally engaging. It is not limited to describing but is evocative, opens scenarios, invites, creates a world. It does not live alone, he is always accompanied by a “claim” (the slogan) and a “visual” (the visual part, the image).

Those few lines are fundamental for the acquisition of customer attention (intrigued by the visual and the claim, he is convinced, motivated, by the copy).

Each tool has its own writing: writing a quote request is different from writing the mission for the website. As well as we cannot copy-paste phrases from the site or resume the copy of the advertisement in print to make Facebook or Instagram posts. Each channel has its own target, and within that we turn to the reference identified for our specific communication.

We ourselves instinctively do not talk to a 3-year-old like we talk to our co-workers, why should we do it in such a delicate thing as corporate communication?

The ACD staff manages the content by constantly defining and monitoring the target and its behavior, diversifying text, graphics and video formats to get the most possible coverage of the listings.

Communicating with texts: effectiveness comes with studying

Leaving it to chance and improvising is never a good marketing strategy.

This is why we do not neglect anything, we look for new ways, we deepen and update our skills continuously.

Our customers’ success is ours.

ACD is an integrated communication agency that takes care of, builds, promotes and manages brands from concept to graphics, from the site to social media, from content to campaigns. We believe in simplicity and transparency, we are direct, informal, essential.

We are allergic to exasperated technicalities and the extreme externalization of creativity for its own sake.

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